Advisor Forms

Requisition Forms - On all orders, an advisor must submit a requisition form for a PO# and fill out a check request right after for ASB's approval (turn in to the Business Office or Ms. Mulcahy in Rm. 156). Purchases may NOT be made without a PO# and without prior approval first.  (Prior approval means the correct forms are filled out and approved by the ASB council before a purchase EVER is made.)

Activity Request Form - If a group wants to host an on-site event (performances, dance, etc.) Submitting this form ensures there will be no conflicting activities and that there will be enough publicity.

Fundraiser Request Form -For any activity involving finances or publicity, forms must run through ASB's approval. Documents can be found on

Any form MUST be completely filled out (we have attached them in links on this page). If you want to have a fundraiser you have to fill out this form for our records. This also allows ASB to certify that there will be no conflicting fundraisers.

*According to California ED code section 48932 it allows for the schools governing board to authorize student body organizations to conduct activities including fundraising. The law makes it clear that PRIOR APPROVAL is required to ensure, student safety, insurance company allows said event, and whether the activity is appropriate for the educational expenses of students.

Bulletin Request Form -If you want an announcement read over the intercom during the first 5 minutes of first block please Email Ms. Mulcahy before noon the day before.

JFK HIGH SCHOOL CONSTITUTION FOR STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS -For clubs, classes, and sports you MUST complete and follow all the guidelines on this form. Every year it must be renewed.

*Turn in any forms to the Activities Director, Ms. Mulcahy, in Room 156.