Clubs – Frequently Asked Questions

What if my club stops meeting?

Clubs that no longer meet will be placed on the inactive list (this should be in your club packet/renewal). If a club has funds deposited with the Student Body at this time, those funds will be frozen. Should this club not be reinstated within one school year the funds will return to the ASB general account in accordance with the best practice scenario setup by the District.

What must be done at the end of each school year?

Hold an end of the year meeting, with review of what if anything will be done over the summer. Submit a list of requests for fundraising dates needed for next year. The fundraising form must include: the desired dates (give 3), the reason for the fundraising and the amount of time needed. A final budget for the year is to be submitted including a carryover budget for all unused funds. These funds must be ear marked for a specific need and must then be spent solely for that need, once they are declared a carryover. This is best practice in accordance with the State of California and the Fremont Unified School District.

   *This should be done in your club packet or renewal form each year 

 What can I get reimbursed for and what can't I get reimbursed for?

Clubs must give prior approval for ALL expenditures. All items must be purchased through the use of a Purchase Order (P.O.) obtained from Ms. Mulcahy in Room 156. If a company will not take a P.O. then an itemized quote may be obtained and a check for those purchases may on rare occasion be used. We advise clubs to talk with Ms. Mulcahy, before making ANY purchases.

How to join a club?

Members can be brought in through announcements, recruiting during Club Rush week, Multicultural week, or by word of mouth. There is no maximum limit to the number of members in a club. In order for a club to form you must have a minimum of 4 students, completed club packet, and an advisor.

*Please note if there is any problem we will follow what is written in the club’s constitution. It is important to think ahead for possible problems.

What is the purpose of a constitution?

The constitution is the set of rules for your organization. It spells out the name of the group, the officers, the mission statement of the organization, the rules by which they are governed, the membership and voting criteria and any specific needs as desired by the group. At the beginning of a school year the constitution should be reviewed by the membership and modified as needed. If any changes need to be made, they must be submitted in writing to Ms. Mulcahy.