The Pillar Project

The pillar project is a school wide project which began in 2011. The project consists of beautifying our school by painting pillars and increasing communication by making each pillar a center for information. The goal is for every club or academy to have their own pillar.

Steps to having your own pillar:

  1. Your club must be at least 2 years old.
  2. Create a design for your pillar. Your design must contain:
    1. Your club’s name
    2. Your club’s mission statement
    3. A place for posting flyers
    4. A place for posting your clubs upcoming events,(or a calendar)
  3. Get a pillar request form from Ms. Mulcahy  (Activities Director) and fill out.
  4. Attach pillar design to pillar request form, and submit to Ms. Mulcahy.
  5. Once your pillar request has been approved, your club is free to paint your pillar.*

*No club can start painting a pillar until it has been approved.

Any flyers your club wants to post on your pillar must be approved by ASB OR Ms. Mulcahy first.

JFKHS Pillar Project9-17-19.pdf (PDF)