Class Advisor Tips to JFK Activities

Important Events to Remember


Maze Day

First day of school

Last day for schedule changes

Picture make ups

Back to School Night


Parent Teacher Conferences

Club Rush

Senior Parent Night


Homecoming Week

Homecoming Rally

Homecoming Dance

Homecoming Game

Senior activity

Freshman and Sophomore Parent Night

Fall Fest


Fall Production


Musical Production

Winter Coffee House

Winter Rally

Winter Concert


Senior panoramic picture

Junior Parent Night


Parent Teacher Conferences

MVAL Wrestling Finals

Open House

Multicultural Week

Multicultural Rally

International Night


Spring Fling


Spring Coffee House



Spring Production

Spring Concert

NHS Induction

End of the year Rally

Senior Awards Night

Senior activity

Senior Breakfast

Senior checkout

Senior graduation practice

Last day of school


Adviser Expectations:

  • You are expected to come to the initial advisor meeting held in September.
  • You are expected to supervise all club activities. Students must get your approval FIRST before submitting forms to ASB. (Example: Selling food at lunch during Multicultural Week, Rehearsals after school, performances (International night), and any additional fundraisers/activities you and the students agree upon.
  • You are the liaison between the club and Ms. Mulcahy. Ms. Mulcahy is the liaison with Admin and District.
  • You are the adult signer for the club account. Please verify what students are trying to purchase before submitting any forms for Pre-Approval. (Mulcahy, Jung, and Fisher will confirm if it is an allowable expense.)

Fundraiser/Money Info:

Fundraisers dates and times must be pre-approved first to ensure there are no conflicts.

*No car washes due to the drought

There must be a representative (authorized signer) at all mandatory club meetings. Once a month first Wednesday at lunch in Room 156.

Have to have PRE-APPROVAL first to do anything. (Example: to spend money has to be approved first in writing by ASB.) By law we CAN’T give pre-approval and request a check on the same day. Receipt date has to be after pre-approval.

 *Candy sales are not allowed during school hours or on campus 

Pre-Approval is a PO request. This can be picked up from room 156.

In ordering an item, please make sure to see Ms. Mulcahy for help. Items must be shipped to the school, either attention to Ms. Mulcahy or your advisor upon arrival of item, the packing slip must be sign, dated and returned to Ms. Mulcahy for payment. If there is no packing slip, an email must be sent stating all items have been received and it is ok to pay.

Please allow 2 weeks for a check request. It has to be approved, printed, and receive proper signatures before mailing or picking up.

When you need to use a facility on campus, you must send a written request by email to Mrs. Kiester and CC Ms. Mulcahy. Please note any facility used on Saturday or Sunday require a custodian at an additional cost to the club class.

Contact Info:

Activities Director: Tori Mulcahy (510) 657-4070 x27156

Account Clerk: Amy Jung (510) 657-4070 x27012

School Secretary: Angelyn Kiester (510) 657-4070 x27306

Principal: Dr. Ronaldo Fisher (510) 657-4070 x 27030