Inter-District Transfers

Required when you want to attend school in a district other than your district of residence (INTER)

NOT required for NEW families moving into Fremont - please follow links for Enrollment.

NOT required for families moving OUT of Fremont - please contact current FUSD school to withdraw your student.


PLEASE NOTE: If you move out of Fremont anytime during the school year, you must notify the district within five (5) days of moving. If you would like your child to remain in FUSD you MUST complete an inter-district transfer request from your new district in order to continue attending school in FUSD. This needs to be done immediately upon moving.

Steps to Completing Inter-District Transfer Requests:

Inter-District Transfers - INTO Fremont Unified

  1. Obtain an Inter-District Transfer form from your school district of residence.
  2. Complete the form and attach necessary documentation i.e., report card, attendance record, proof of employment within the City of Fremont. Additionally, if your child has any special needs, or has been receiving special educational services, a current IEP must be attached to the request. Please see the full list of required documents on page two of the Alameda County transfer application.
  3. Submit to your resident school district for approval.
  4. Your resident district will send the form to Fremont Unified for processing.
  5. FUSD will notify you of the decision by email.

Note to Parents requesting to enter FUSD from another district: Do not withdraw your child from their current district until you have received the signed & approved form from Fremont Unified School District.


Inter-District Transfers - OUT OF Fremont Unified

  1. Click on the Transfer Request form for the desired district. Please note there are two forms; one for schools within Alameda County and one for school district outside of Alameda County, please make sure to use the correct form.
    2024-25 Inter-District (INSIDE Alameda County)
    2024-25 Inter-District (OUTSIDE Alameda County)
  2. Complete form and attach necessary documentation: If within Alameda County as outlined on page 2 of Alameda Co request form. For transfer outside of Alameda County please attach proof for the reason you have chosen. Attach necessary documentation i.e., report card, attendance record, behavior report. Additionally, if your child has any special needs, or has been receiving special educational services, a current IEP must be attached to the request. Send form to [email protected].
  3. Then FUSD will process and send, the completed form, to the requested district.
  4. The requested district will then notify you of their decision.

Please do not dis-enroll your student from their current school until you have received an approval letter from the requested school district. 

Inter- District Transfer Renewals

Approved transfers to districts within Alameda County, will remain in effect through 5th grade for elementary, through 8th grade for middle school, and through 12th grade for high school.

Transfers to districts outside Alameda County, must be renewed each year.

Appeals Process

Information regarding Inter-District Transfer Appeals can be found on the Alameda County office of Education Website

Additional Support

Inter & Intra-District Transfer Requests
Janet Shue
[email protected]

Director of Student Support Services
Greg Bailey
[email protected]

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