Counselors offer the following services to American High School students. Students may schedule an appointment with their counselor via email, or by visiting their counselors office at lunch, brunch, or before/after school. Parents can reach counselors by phone or email and can also call to arrange appointments.


Student Programming

  • Graduation status check
  • Credits, requirements, testing
  • Assist with course selection and programming
  • Annual classroom presentations to all students to review graduation and college prep requirements
  • Fremont Adult School and FUSD Summer School registration for graduation deficiencies
  • Information and referral to alternative high school programs
  • Transcripts distributed annually to seniors
  • College entrance requirements reviewed
  • Information and referral for tutoring resources
  • Attendance review
  • Letters of recommendation for private colleges and scholarships
  • PSAT test for juniors and sophomores on campus in October

Career/College Counseling

  • 9th grade orientation
  • 10th grade career unit and four-year planning
  • 11th grade post graduation orientation
  • 12th grade college information/FAFSA presentations
  • UC/CSU/Community College application workshops
  • FAFSA Application Workshops


  • Crisis and short term counseling for students
  • Referrals to behavioral health services and counseling agencies
  • Parent conferences


  • Incoming freshman
  • 9th grade orientation
  • 10th grade career unit and four-year planning
  • 11th grade jumpstart to college
  • 12th grade college application and information


  • College and career speakers
  • College catalogs and applications
  • Financial Aid Night
  • Reference Guides
  • Vocational/Military information
  • ROP information
  • SAT/ACT information and registration
  • Scholarship Information



M. Canas

Caseload: A-G

Email: [email protected]

Phone Ext: 57211

T. Sorensen

Caseload: G-L

Email: [email protected]

Phone Ext: 57261

S. Barwani

Caseload: M-Sao

Email: [email protected]

Phone Ext: 57220

B. Ronkainen

Caseload: San-Z

Email: [email protected]

Phone Ext: 57607

S. Ayriss

Caseload: Special Programs

Email: [email protected]

Phone Ext: 57248