Counseling Overview

Counselor      Last Names         School Phone:



Email Contact Preference
Mimi Canas (she/her) A-C 57211 [email protected] Email
Teri Sorensen (she/her) D-H 57220 [email protected] Email
Mei Chen (she/her) I-L 57222 [email protected] Email
Denisse Felix (she/her) M-P 57261 [email protected] Email
William Stallworth Q-Sr 57248 [email protected] Email
Bonnie Ronkainen (she/her) St-Z 57607 [email protected] Email

How to schedule a meeting with your counselor


  • Email or call your student's counselor to set up appointment.
  • Student meetings are given priority.
  • Please note that counselors cannot accommodate drop-in visits from parents/guardian. Please schedule a meeting.
  • Due to large counselor caseloads, please allow two school days for a response.




  • For crisis situations, students can ask to see a counselor throughout the school day without a pass.
  • Students may see their counselor at brunch, lunch, or after school.

During the school holidays and breaks, counselors do not check their email regularly.  

Wellness Center:

The purpose of the AHS Wellness Center is to provide a safe space for students to take a break, practice self care, then return to learning. Students enter the Wellness Center with the goal of self regulation and returning to class as efficiently as possible.

A Note About Confidentiality

By law, most of what students share with their counselor is protected by confidentiality.  Below are examples of information that is NOT confidential.

  1. Academics

  2. Harm to self

  3. Harm to others (threats to others safety)

  4. Others harming students (neglect, physical or sexual abuse or assault, etc.)

  5. Violations on school property (stealing, distributing drugs/weapons, harm to school property/vandalism, etc.)

If you are ever unsure about what is considered confidential, please ask your counselor to review the limits of confidentiality and answer any questions you have. As counselors, our ultimate goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students to share, while at the same time, ensuring both student and school safety.