Credit Recovery

Summer School: 

  • The FUSD Summer School program is for remediation only. Students can only make-up courses that they have taken during the school year and earned a D or F. These classes can be made-up for graduation and/or college admission.
  • Only ten credits ( 2 semester courses) can be made up in summer school.
  • There are no advanced classes in summer school, i.e., English 9H, AP Physics, Pre-Calculus, etc.
  • School Counselors will provide each student that needs summer school with an application to complete and return ASAP.
  • Summer school registration is always in the spring and typically begins in April.

Robertson Alternative High School:   

  • Robertson High School is located in the Irvington area and our district offers transportation to and from AHS.
  • The school day at Robertson is shorter and students are placed in smaller classes with a more individualized learning setting.
  • Robertson's program is designed for students to make-up missing credits. They use a trimester schedule which affords students the opportunity to earn more credit during the school year.
  • The school day ends earlier and they can also attend Fremont Adult School classes in the afternoon, based on availability, to earn additional credits.
  • Students can take ROP classes.
  • Graduates from Robertson need to earn 200 units rather than the 230 units required at American.

If you are interested in attending Robertson, please speak to your counselor.