MIP/SDI Task Force


Previous Task Force

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The Role of the Task Force

The MIP/SDI Facilities Task Force will gather, analyze, review, and consider information and data to provide recommendations to the Board of Education to consider short term and long term solutions for both the Mandarin Immersion Program and the Spanish Dual Immersion Programs.

Task Force Representation

The goal of the Task Force is to assist with communication to all stakeholders within the MIP and SDI communities. The group will include stakeholders from the following groups:

  • Christie Rocha- Director of Federal and State Programs
  • Yajing Zhang - School Board Member
  • Larry Sweeney- School Board Member
  • Sharon Coco- Facilities Advisory Committee
  • Judy Nye- Facilities Advisory Committee/SDI Administrator
  • Carole Diamond- MIP Administrator
  • Keith Koo-MIP Parent Representative 
  • Brian Lee- MIP Parent Representative
  • Melissa Avery- SDI Parent Representative
  • Patricia Camacho-SDI Parent Representative 
  • May Feng/Jamie Choi -MIP Educator Representative 
  • Katie Qin - MIP Educator Representative
  • Victoria Quintana - SDI Educator Representative 
  • Angelica Villasenor - SDI Educator Representative
  • Brannin Dorsey - Fremont Unified District Teachers Association Representative


2021-2022 MIP/SDI Facilities Task Force Meeting Dates

Meetings from 6-7 pm






  • January 25, 2022




2020-2021 MIP/SDI Facilities Task Force Meetings

Agendas and Minutes

Please note: Agendas and minutes may take up to two weeks to be translated and posted to this website. We thank you for your patience.

  September 14, 2020

  October 19, 2020

  November 16, 2020

 December 14, 2020 (Video)

 January 11, 2021 (Video)