High School Education Alternatives

Fremont Unified School District recognizes the need to offer more than one path to earning a high school diploma. Student needs vary so it is necessary that our school district, as well as the State of California, are responsive with a number of alternatives.


Robertson High School is located in the Irvington area and our district offers transportation to and from all of the high schools to Robertson each school day.  The school day at Robertson is shorter and students are placed in smaller classes with a more individualized learning setting. Robertson uses a trimester schedule which affords students the opportunity to earn more credit during the school year and the school has the flexibility to award credit as they complete coursework.  Given that the school day ends earlier, they can also attend Fremont Adult School classes in the afternoon, based on availability, to earn additional credits. Robertson students can take ROP classes as well.  Graduates from Robertson need to earn 200 units rather than the 230 units required at the comprehensive high schools like MSJHS.


Vista High School is an independent study program; not a remedial program. All Vista students are assigned to attend a two day schedule each week from 8:15-2:00 pm. The Vista program operates on a block schedule where students can earn up to 20 units during each 9 week quarter. Due to this academic schedule, students can only enter Vista at the beginning of the quarter at four points during the school year.

Homework, classwork, essays, and exams are all required as a part of the curriculum of each class. Students must have the intellectual capability to read and understand District text books. Students who say they hate to read and hate to do homework will not be successful at Vista. Students who have Special Education IEP cannot attend Vista since Vista does not have the support structure for special education. Students must be disciplined, organized, and capable of working independently. A supportive and proper study environment is essential and students must commit a minimum of 25 hours toward school work each week.

Attendance is very important; students who have four unexcused absences will not be able to pass a class. An absence is only excused with a doctor's note. Parents are expected to check the student's school work to insure that it is complete before the student comes to school, as well as ensure that transportation is available. Students who are not successful in the Vista program are sent to Robertson or back to their home school.

Vista requires 200 units to graduate, which includes all of the core subject requirements of the comprehensive high schools in the district plus 40 elective units.


Circle of Independent Learning (COIL) - COIL's mission: Our "circle of learning" - student, parent and advisory teacher - works together to develop a personalized plan that best enables the student to discover his or her unique learning style and mature into an independent, lifelong learner. Within this approach, students are provided with opportunities to grow through a variety of classes, activities, and field trips. The student's parent becomes their teacher with the support of the COIL staff; this school uses the homeschooling model.


Fremont Adult School - With permission from the District Office and Fremont Adult School, students may enroll in Fremont Adult School as full time students when they are 17 1/2 years of age. Counselors are involved in advising and discussing this option and helping the student in this transition in cases where a diploma from the comprehensive high school may be out of reach. Students can elect to pursue a high school diploma at the adult school or they may choose to work toward passing the General Education Development (GED) test. Individualized computer based programs assist students in preparation for the GED test.


California High School Proficiency TestWith parent permission, students who are at least 16 years of age  or have completed the tenth grade have the option of taking this test for a fee. The test is given several times each year. Students must pass both the English and Math sections in order to legally leave high school and are then able to enroll at California Community Colleges, which they are encouraged to do. Some kind of post secondary education is strongly advised.