Summer Enrichment Programs

Students are encouraged to be active during their summer vacations. Enrichment Summer Programs are a great way to gain hands on experiences in a variety of areas. These programs will give you the opportunity to explore your interests and gain valuable experience to add to your resume. 

Students can be active by: volunteering, getting a job, interning with a company that relates to the students’ interests, or participating in academic programs that enhance their high school learning and that tie into the student’s interests. It is not required nor recommended for students to attend Community College courses to get ahead in their studies.  

Summer Enrichment Program Application Requiring a Letter of Recommendation   

Complete the documents listed below and submit them to your assigned counselor with your request for a letter of recommendation. Be sure you turn all items required at least 3 school weeks prior to the application deadline. Please note: students who are requesting a letter of recommendation from a teacher need to speak with them individually at least 3 school weeks prior to the deadline and follow the teacher's letter of recommendation request protocol.